List of Awardees


Honorary Doctorate Degree
Dr. Oliver ClarkDoctor in Management (Honoris Causa)
Dr. Tin LATTDoctor in Quality Management (Honoris Causa)
Dr. Ronny LODoctor in Engineering (Honoris Causa)

Dr. Ehi Eric Esoimeme

Doctor in Financial Crimes (Honoris Causa)

Dr. P P Wangchuk

 Doctorate Degree in Mass Communication (Honoris Causa) 

Dr. Johnny Yu

 Doctorate Degree in Security and Safety Management (Honoris Causa)


Professorship Award
Ms. Anne Mai WalderCertified Professor
Dr. Apotey Gabriel OdehCertified Professor
Mr. David AckahCertified Professor
Prof. Emmanuel NnamuchiCertified Professor



Professorship Award

Dr. Christopher Oyat

Distinguished Professorship in Management and Trainging

Dr. Ehi Eric Esoimeme

Distinguished Professorship in Financial Crimes Compliance

Dr. Rangamini Werawatta

Distinguished Professorship in Technology Management

Prof. Dr. Nazarious Rukanyangira

Distinguished Professorship in Business Administration

Dr Wan Toren Wan Yusoff

Distinguished Professorship in Entrepreneurship

Prof. Nico M Nieuwoudt

Distinguished Professorship in Theology

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Mai Chinh

Distinguished Professorship in Educational Development

Stephane Narcis

Distinguished Professorship in Media and Communication


Certified Teacher Award

Dr. Christopher Oyat

Certified Teacher


Certified Manager Award
Mr. Aina, Abayomi AbimbolaCertified Manager


Certified Educator Award
Mr. Wong Lai SunCertified Educator


Certified Internal Auditor Award
Mr. Paul Kwame AsamoahCertified Internal Auditor