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QAHE Honorary Awards

QAHE is currently inviting nominations for the award of Honorary Fellowships, Honorary Doctorates and Distinguished Professorship. The QAHE Honorary Awards are the most prestigious and highest award given by the QAHE to persons of long distinguished service to higher education and specific professional areas.

As an ISO 17011:2017 certified independent and non-governmental accrediting agency, QAHE is nationally and internationally recognized by National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research, the Republic of Moldova (ANACEC), Directorate for Research, Planning, and Funding Accreditation, North Macedonia, Council on International Higher Education Supervision (CONIES) Austria, Public Foundation Independent Accreditation Agency "BILIM-STANDARD", AAEPO of Kyrgyz Republic, Independent Accreditation Agency “Elbaasy”, Kyrgyz Republic, Higher Education Council of Syria, Technology and Human Association (TEKINDER) in Turkey, EdNet of Kyrgyz Republic, Institute of Certified General Accountants Pakistan, Accreditation Council for Education “LAMDIK”, Indonesia (ACE), Association of International Certified Public Accountants, UK, Institute of Certified Internal Auditors Pakistan, Institute of Tax Accountants Pakistan, OSHAssociation, UK, International Association for Biblical Education, OSHAssociation, UK, Independent Perception and Research Hub (IPRH) and many other organizations worldwide. With over 100 institutions already accredited at an affordable fee, QAHE is committed to driving the global standard of higher education. By partnering with more than 30 strategic allies worldwide, we offer a unique opportunity to not only enhance your institution's credibility and reputation but also to gain access to a global network of like-minded institutions.

By partnering with more than 30 strategic allies worldwide, we offer a unique opportunity not only to enhance your institution's credibility and reputation but also to gain access to a global network of like-minded institutions. We believe that such partnerships are essential to driving the quality and innovation of higher education, and we would be thrilled to have your organization as a partner in this mission.

An Honorary Doctorate is a type of honorary degree that may be considered to have the same standing, and to grant the same privileges and style of address as the Doctor Honoris Causa. Honorary Doctorates are conferred upon individuals who have made significant contributions to a particular field or to society as a whole, but may not have completed the necessary academic requirements for a traditional doctoral degree. Recipients of Honorary Doctorates may use the title "Dr." before their name and may be granted the same privileges as those who have earned a traditional doctoral degree.

QAHE Honorary Awards will be given lifetime membership to the QAHE and will be invited to submit a personal profile to be published in QAHE website (Optional). Nominators are asked to upload a current CV of the nominee and a 1-page letter addressing the nominee’s contributions to higher education. Any questions regarding this award can be submitted by email at The name, photo and profile of the Honorary Fellows, Doctorates and Professors will be listed in QAHE website.

Besides nomination, we would also consider direct application/self-nomination. You’ll need to submit your CV that demonstrates that you fulfil at least two of the nine Fellowship criteria: creativity, enterprise, innovation, insight and experience, leadership, repute, responsibility, service, and influence and contribution.

QAHE celebrates the great achievements of talented faculty and institutions through a variety of awards and recognitions worldwide. We encourage institutions to award their professors in their own graduation ceremonies. Awardees can use prestigious Titles (HonFQAHE/Hon Dr./DProfQAHE) for their Websites, Brochures, CVs and Business Cards.

Honorary Doctorate
The Honorary Doctorate is a professional recognition that provides an independent quality assurance reference for highly qualified professionals from all fields, for those who strive for personal excellence, and who become a motivating example in their communities. An honorary doctorate degree is not an academic degree, consequently the usual academic requirements of a doctorate are waived. The Honorary Doctorate is an honorary doctorate degrees that may be considered to have the same standing, and to grant the same privileges and style of address as the Doctor Honoris Causa. In practice, however, such degrees tend to be popularly considered not to be of the same standing as academic doctorates, except where the recipient has demonstrated an appropriate level of academic scholarship.
Recipients of an honorary doctorate may if they wish to adopt the title of “doctor”. In many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, it is now a matter of personal preference should an honorary doctor use the formal title of “doctor”, regardless of the background circumstances for the award. The recipient of an honorary degree should always be made clear that the degree is honorary. For example: Dr. Nandana jayarathne Weerasighe Hon. (Specialisation)

And, Awardees will receive the Honorary Doctorate Degree jointly awarded by American University of Business And Social Sciences (AUBSS) and International Association for Quality Assurance for Higher Education (QAHE).

Distinguished Professorship Award (DProfQAHE)

The title of Distinguished Professorship is AUBSS and QAHE’s highest academic honor. It recognizes a teaching professional whose accomplishments in research or teaching activities have had a significant impact on his or her discipline nationally or internationally.
Awardees will receive the Honorary Professorship Awards by email and be announced on our official website at and QAHE website..
Nominations will be accepted from students, faculty and alumni. Self-nominations are also accepted. We look forward to your participation in this community of Distinguished Professors.

Honorary Fellowship (Hon. FQAHE)

The establishment of fellowship in the QAHE is to recognize and appreciate the education and training leaders who have contributed to the development of education and training as a profession.
QAHE recognizes a group of renowned academic/education/training leaders and scholars in honoring their remarkable contributions to the development of the profession by awarding the Honorary Fellowship. This fellowship is a lifelong honor.
Honorary Fellows shall commit to the mission and provide support to the work of QAHE. Nominations for Honorary Fellowships can be submitted by any Fellow of QAHE, as well as by Board members, committees, senior academics and others.

List of Honorary Fellows


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  • Upon confirmation of the payment, it takes 7-10 working days for the digital award to be sent by email or 4-6 weeks for the hardcopy award to be mailed to the address you provided.


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