Dr. TingHong Wang has received a Presidential Award issued by QAHE.

Aug 01, 2023

We are proud to announce that Dr. TingHong Wang has received a Presidential Award issued by QAHE. Dr. TingHong Wang holds doctoral degrees in Doctor of Philosophy of Psychology and Doctor of Applied Psychology, He has been working in psychology for over 25 years,and is also the author of four best-selling psychology books, namely:, < the Enneagram of the beauty>, , < the Enneagram – business administration guidance>.

He worked for Fortune 500 companies and was engaged in senior operational management from 1998-2004. His positions include HR managers, training manager, planning manger and so on. Then he was employed in a number of enterprises as a talent development consultants, training counsultants and other positions. He has rich practical experience in actual sales, team management, personnel training and other aspects.

Dr. TingHong Wang currently several renowned universities around the world, designing psychology courses for these universities, and serving as a consultant for related work; At the same time, we also maintain close strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, teaching courses related to psychology and business management for business owners and senior management.

Nowadays, Dr. TingHong Wang leads an team to conduct psychology related teaching and work in 8 different countries around the world, helping local psychology enthusiasts learn more cutting-edge psychology knowledge and obtain university degrees.

Congratulations to Dr. TingHong Wang on this well-deserved recognition!