Upgrade Your Career Profile with, our accredited institution, American Management School's Certified Manager Award/Certified Educational Manager Award

Aug 28, 2023

In today's competitive job market, having a strong professional profile is essential for career advancement. American Management School (AMS), a global training company specializing in management and leadership programs, offers the prestigious Certified Manager Award and Certified Educational Manager Award. These certifications not only enhance your career prospects but also validate your expertise and qualifications in the field of management. Let's explore how obtaining these awards can upgrade your career profile and open doors to new opportunities.

Recognized Accreditation:
AMS holds several esteemed accreditations, including recognition by the QAHE Accreditation, GAFM Certification Board, ISO certifications for Quality and Educational Standards, and the GAFM’s approval by the Arab Academy and ACBSP National Business Accreditation Agency. These accreditations add credibility to the Certified Manager Award and highlight the rigorous standards upheld by AMS.

Global Recognition:
By obtaining the Certified Manager Award or Certified Educational Manager Award from AMS, you gain international recognition for your managerial skills and expertise. AMS's collaboration with renowned institutions like the European International University (EIU) further strengthens the global recognition of these certifications. The EIU has been ranked among the world's best business schools, placing AMS in distinguished company.

Career Advancement:
The Certified Manager Award is the highest professional status for management professionals across various industries. This designation signifies your exceptional managerial skills, backed by relevant work experience and academic or professional qualifications. By adding this certification to your career profile, you demonstrate your commitment to professional growth and excellence, making you a valuable asset to employers.

Professional Assessment:
AMS assesses prospective awardees' contributions, experiences, and qualifications professionally. Their rigorous evaluation process ensures that only deserving candidates receive the Certified Manager Award. If your qualifications fall short, AMS offers Executive Mini-MBA Certification and Executive Diploma in Management Studies programs to help bridge any gaps and further enhance your career profile.

Pathways for Different Qualifications:
AMS offers multiple pathways to obtain the Certified Manager Award. If you hold an MBA or master's degree in management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management with extensive experience, or have completed AMS Certified Programs with validated partners or their Executive Diploma in Management Studies and Executive Mini-MBA programs, you may be eligible for the award. This flexibility accommodates professionals at different stages of their careers.

Affordability and Accessibility:
AMS believes in making education accessible to aspiring professionals. The Certification Fee for the Certified Manager Award is affordable at US$500. Once you meet the requirements and successfully obtain the certification, AMS will provide you with the Certified Manager Award and Logo via email at no additional cost. This commitment to affordability and flexibility ensures that professionals from diverse backgrounds can benefit from these prestigious certifications.

By obtaining the Certified Manager Award or Certified Educational Manager Award from American Management School, you can significantly upgrade your career profile. These certifications are globally recognized, backed by prestigious accreditations, and signify your expertise and commitment to excellence in management. Whether you are looking for career advancement, validation of your skills, or new professional opportunities, these awards can propel your career to new heights. Take the next step toward success by pursuing the Certified Manager Award or Certified Educational Manager Award from AMS today.

For more information and to begin your application process, reach out to AMS at admission@amsmba.education. Start your journey towards a brighter future with AMS's acclaimed certifications.