Teacher Certifications

Teacher Certifications

By International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education has announced the launching of a subsidiary organization designed to provide certification and credentials to teachers within the QAHE member schools.  Certification membership in this new branch – INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS – is now open at very affordable introductory rates.  Fees begin at only $300-$1,200, depending upon the desired level of certification.

CertificationDegree Level Lifetime
Adjunct InstructorLess than Bachelor’$300/PDF | $500/Hardcopy
Certified TeacherBachelor’s degree Holder$350/PDF | $450/Hardcopy
Master TeacherMaster’s degree Holder$450/PDF | $650/Hardcopy
Distinguished ProfessorDoctorate Degree Holder$500/PDF | $700/Hardcopy
Academic DeanDoctorate Degree Holder$700/PDF | $900/Hardcopy
Honorary ProfessorDoctorate Degree Holder$1,000/PDF | $1,200/Hardcopy

Remarks: 5% PayPal charges apply


Based on your information, you are eligible for our Certified Teacher Award – please advise whether you would want a PDF certificate or a Hardcopy certificate and our Finance Office will send you an invoice accordingly.

For further information and enquiry, please send your enquiry to awards@qahe.org.