Young Achiever Award to Recognize Outstanding Academic Achievements by Young Individuals

Jul 24, 2023

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE) is pleased to announce the launch of the Young Achiever Award, a prestigious recognition aimed at honoring outstanding academic achievements by young individuals.

The Young Achiever Award is open to students aged between 12 and 25 years who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, leadership skills, and community service. The award seeks to highlight the importance of academic excellence, leadership, and community service in the development of well-rounded individuals who can make a positive impact in society.

The selection process for the Young Achiever Award involves a review of academic records, extracurricular activities, community service, and leadership skills. Winners will be chosen by a panel of distinguished educators and industry experts.

To save costs and ensure safety during the ongoing pandemic, there will be no physical award ceremony for the Young Achiever Award. However, winners will receive a digital certificate of Award and be listed as our Awardees at our website and Facebook page. The selection process involves a review of academic records, extracurricular activities, community service, and leadership skills.

To cover the administrative expenses associated with the processing the applications, there will be a nominal administrative fee of US$400 for eligible applicants. However, we understand that this may be a financial burden for some applicants, therefore, we offer up to 20% discount to candidates who are from developing countries.

"We are thrilled to launch the Young Achiever Award to recognize exceptional academic achievements by young individuals," Awards Committee of QAHE. "This award is a testament to our commitment to promoting excellence in education and nurturing the next generation of leaders. We believe that by recognizing and rewarding outstanding academic achievements, we can inspire young individuals to reach their full potential and make a positive impact in their communities."

Applications for the Young Achiever Award are now open. To apply or nominate a young individual, please send us their portfolio by email at

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