Prof. Placide has been appointed as our Regional Representative in Africa

Jul 24, 2023

We are delighted to appoint Prof. Placide as our Regional Representative in Africa. Prof. Mutabazi Placide, PhDs, is a renowned health and education professional, researcher, sociologist, food scientist, data scientist, humanitarian activist and minister with more than 15 years’ experience. Prof. Placide is the Co-Founder of Open Christian University, which offers USA approved online Christian education. Prof Placide is also editor to many peer reviewed international journals across the globe. Prof. Placide holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing(Rwanda), Master of Science in Public Health(Uganda), Master of Arts in Sociology(India), Master of Sciences in Food Studies(Burkina Faso), and Master of Arts in Public health system strengthening(USA). Prof. Placide holds also the highest academic degrees such as PhD in Public Health (USA), PhD in Community Health (Costa Rica), Doctor of Ministry, DMin (USA), and PhD in Education hc (South Africa). Prof. Placide believes that individuals, governments, international organizations, and civil society must work together to ensure that human right to education becomes a reality for all.