European Academy of education (Evropská akademie vzdělávání SE)

May 05, 2023 European Academy of education (Evropská akademie vzdělávání SE) has:
  •  satisfactorily met all the standards prescribed by the Accreditation Committee concerning educational quality, institutional integrity and public accountability, through a voluntary, non-governmental review process of quality assurance and institutional development.
  • Upon evaluations of the following areas, FULL ACCREDITATION is awarded by International Quality Assurance for Higher Education: Academic Quality and Integrity, Teaching Staff Qualifications, Delivery of Programs, Students Services and Website Design and Performance.

    Welcome to the European Academy of Education

    who wants to improve their qualifications through further study and thus gain a competitive advantage on the labor market. You can study from the apprentice field of electrician through professional qualifications and high school diploma in logistics up to higher education at the level of MBA, Ph.D. and others. Study and lectures are  online. It is therefore possible to study from any place in the world.

    Overview of studies

    You can apply to study at the European Training Academy at any time of the year, so there is no need to wait for the start or end of the school year. Most of the studies are online. For qualifications or re-qualifications, personal attendance at the final exam is required. Preparation is online.   Higher professional studies with international accreditation
    • Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (BBA)
    • Master of Business Administration in Management (MBA)
    • Master of Public Administration in Public Administration (MPA)
    • Master of Science in IT and Management (MSc.)
    • Master of Law (LL.M.)
    • Doctor of Business Administration in Management (DBA)
    Vocational studies (qualification/requalification/training certificate )
    • Electrician 26-51-H/01
    • Installer of electrical installations
    • Installer of electrical networks
    • Installer of electrical switchboards
    • Installer of low-current equipment
    • Lightning conductor installer
    • Electrical installer of photovoltaic systems 26-014-H
    Vocational studies (qualification/requalification/matriculation)
    • Logistician 37-42-M/01
    • Real estate agent
    • Career counsellor
    • ICT coordinator
    • Lecturer in continuing education
    • Further education manager
    We will prepare you for the management of corporate companies or our own company thanks to university professional studies in management, law and technical-managerial fields at the bachelor's, master's or postgraduate level. Upon completion, you will be authorized to use the degree  (BBA, MBA, MPA, Msc., LL.M., DBA, Ph.D.). ​The high level of Czech education is recognized all over the world, so we wish to continue this tradition and thus enable anyone to have higher qualifications and thus
Contact Person: Dr. Pavel Bartoš
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