Do you want to transfer your prior learning to your degree?

Feb 02, 2023

Prior learning refers to knowledge, skills and competencies one has obtained through formal or informal education, as well as work or voluntary experience. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) means the allowance of getting credits for previous study or work/life experience to be transferred to the degree program that one wants to pursue. Prior learning includes the following forms: credit transfer, recognition of prior certificated learning and prior experiential learning. RPL brings lots of benefits that one may consider transferring prior learning to a degree:

  1. Gain acknowledgement of prior education
One’s prior learning is valuable as one has spent months or even years for any formal or informal learning. RPL acknowledges the worth of prior education that one has achieved.
  1. Reduce the time and money for study
With RPL, one can spend less time and money to pursue a degree as one’s previous learning and life experience can be transferred as credits.
  1. Avoid unnecessary repetition of learning
With the recognition of previous learning, one can eliminate the need to repeat studying a similar course. One can then spend more time to study a new course and thus have a better chance to learn new knowledge and skills.
  1. Enable the pursuit of a new qualification
With the recognition of prior learning and work/life experience, one can finish a degree more easily in a faster pace.
  1. Enhance career prospect
With an easier chance to gain a new qualification, one can have a better opportunity to gain a job promotion or change to a career with better income and prospect.