Stephane Narcis

Stéphane Narcis is a foreign-language instructor with several academic credentials, including CELTA, CAPES, PGCE, M.Phil. in European studies, MA in international communication and BA (Hons) in English studies and is currently completing a PhD with Selinus University. He specialises in innovative research and teaching methodologies that assist both students and professionals in improving their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, irrespective of cultural differences.
Stéphane has published numerous articles and book chapters. He has been awarded the post-nominal letters FCCT (Fellow Chartered College of Teaching) by the Charted College of Teaching, CCT (Certified Civility Expert) by International Civility Experts Inc, and the prize International Teachers Excellence Award 2022 in the category of most innovative teaching of the year. He is also a member of the World Citizen Alliance (WCA) and is a Global Citizen Practitioner. His mission as a World Citizen Alliance practitioner is to nurture World Citizens by facilitating learning that fosters respect, empathy, global awareness, civility, and 21st-century competencies.
Stéphane has also been granted an Honorary Doctorate in Art – Media, Culture and Communication by International Internship University.