Dr. P P Wangchuk

P P Wangchuk, S/O Mr Nawang Jungnes, is a New Delhi-based columnist, editor-at-large, and a professional speaker. He has worked with Hindustan Times, India’s No. 1 single-edition newspaper, for 34 years, in various key positions. He has written hundreds of articles on national and international politics, business, literature and philosophy.
Wangchuk has also lectured, and still doing, at several universities and institutions. He is the winner of many awards, including ‘Excellence’ and ‘Outstanding’ awards in writing and editing news and views. He is also an awardee of ‘Roll of Honour’ for academic excellence, Panjab University, where, as a student, he was the representative of the ‘Top Students’ in the university Council.
All through the past few decades, Wangchuk has also been an active participant in seminars and conferences. Widely travelled, his first hobby is to go around within and outside the country with a ‘discovery-zeal and mission’.
Currently, besides sharing his time with his regular columns, he is also working on a book that is likely to come out soon. Wangchuk is also Advisor to several institutions, and he takes keen interest in their overall good performance.