Institutional Accreditation


QAHE offers various levels of membership: Individual (Student, Graduate, Professor), Organizational (Non-Profit Organization, For-Profit Organization). As an environmental-friendly organization, we offer two options for issuing the membership certificate: PDF Version via email, standard hard copy, US Department of State attested Hard copy via registered mail

Fees Structure:

CategoriesUS$ (PDF Certificate)US$ (Standard Hard copy^)US$ (Attested hard copy^)
Non-Profit Organization350470630
For-Profit Organization500620780

Additional shipping fee may be charges depending on your location.

QAHE offers international accreditation to universities, colleges, other higher education institutions and a wide range of other tertiary institutions, including providers of technical and vocational education. QAHE also offers accreditation of individual academic programs and other qualifications.

Institutional Accreditation inspects the internal quality assurance system and reviews study programs of a university. Each Higher Education Institution is responsible for ensuring continuous enhancement of the quality of teaching and research tasks. Our Accreditation scheme assists institutions to achieve and maintain international standard. All accredited institutions must enter the Continuous Perfection Evaluation process every five years.

Quality Assured Program Accreditation (QAPA) assesses Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor and Master degree courses and continuing education programs. QAPA provides recognition that the content and quality of the program has been evaluated and meets standards set by QAHE. We provide specialized accreditation for post-secondary programs. Graduates from an QAHE- accredited program have a solid educational foundation and are capable of working in the relevant industry.

Accreditation Application Process 

A formal application signed by the Chief Executive Officer/President with an application fee of $250 is required.

Once you have completed the application form, please print a copy, sign it and send it to our Accreditation Committee at, we will then:

1. Send you the invoice to pay for the initial application and inspection;
2. Our Accreditation Committee will contact you for further review and inspection;
3. After the detailed assessment and evaluation, we will inform you whether your application is successful or not;
4. Once you have been officially accredited, the Annual Accreditation Fee is US$1,000.

The following seven Areas of Inspection will be reviewed by our Committee:
1. Student Services and Welfare
2. Teaching Quality and Curriculum
3. Research Quality and Performance
4. Educators’ Qualifications and Performance
5. Marketing and Recruitment
6. Regulations and Compliance
7. Website/eLearning Expression and Performance

On-going compliance of accreditation requirement is essential, otherwise the accreditation status will be disqualified. Accredited institutions can use the QAHE logo and QAHE promotional materials for the duration of their accreditation.