QAHE Accredited Program – Shelf Life offered by Q-Pulse Management Consulting

Shelf-life of Food Products | Online Training

Course Duration: 7 hours

Course Objective
This course provides information on how best to approach the setting and improving of shelflife for food products. Typical attendees will gain an understanding of the shelf-life testing
methods used to set the shelf-life of a product taking into account factors for spoilage, quality
and safety. They will be able to plan and execute a shelf-life study while understanding
countries legal requirements with regards to shelf-life.

Having basic knowledge in microbiology, food science or related field, or at least 1-year of
working experience in the food industry is preferable for participants to fully benefit from this

Course Format
The course is divided into eight (8) chapters. Each chapter begins with oral presentation
depicting the theoretical notions followed by Q&A. At the end of training, a final exam
will take place in order to provide the participant with a certificate of achievement.

Course Topics
• Introduction to shelf-life
• Factors that affect shelf-life of food products
• Spoilage types and examples
• Shelf-life testing methods: Real time versus Accelerated shelf-life testing
• Designing a shelf-life study: Planning and execution
• Shelf-life improvement techniques
• Shelf-life legislation
• Case studies
Teaching Methods
• Oral Presentations
• Discussions and Q&A
• Case studies
• Assignment/final exams

Course Materials
Training material will be provided to participants in soft copy format.

Evaluation Methods
Attendance & participation during the training
Post-test result