National University of Medical Sciences Renews Accreditation with QAHE

The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) has announced that the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS), a privately owned online English language university based in Madrid, Spain, has renewed its accreditation with the organization. NUMS is accredited by the European Agency for Higher Education and Accreditation and the United States-based International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-tertiary and Higher Education.

Founded in 2012, NUMS is registered as an online university with the Registero Mercantil Central Seccion de Denominociones department of the government of Spain (certification number 16167263). The degrees offered by NUMS are officially legalized by the Spain Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of External Affairs and endorsed by embassies of most countries, including Canada and the United States. The degrees are also officially evaluated and approved by the California University Foreign Credential Evaluation and are accepted across the United States, Canada, and many other countries.

NUMS is the largest and most affordable osteopathic university in the world, offering a number of 100% online health-related degree programs, including doctor of osteopathy (DO), doctor of naprapathy (DN), PhD in physical medicine & rehabilitation, master of science in athletic therapy, doctor of physical therapy (DPT), MBA in healthcare, doctor of botanical medicine (DBM), and bachelor of science in massage therapy. While the programs are primarily online, optional hands-on practical technique classes, and certain clinical internship programs are available at California Health University in the United States, Pourgol Osteopathy Chronic Pain Hospital in Panama, or Seville University of Health & Medicine in Spain.

The renewal of accreditation by QAHE is a testament to the high standards of education and research at NUMS. The accreditation process involved a rigorous evaluation of the university’s academic programs, faculty, facilities, and infrastructure. The QAHE team also conducted interviews with students, alumni, and faculty members to assess the quality of education and the overall learning experience at NUMS.

The renewal of accreditation with QAHE is a significant achievement for NUMS, as it provides assurance to students and stakeholders that the university meets the highest standards of quality and excellence in education. It also reinforces the university’s reputation as a leader in healthcare education and research.