Life Experience and Accelerated Customized Degree Option

There are a number of benefits in topping up your current qualification to a degree and it may open up further opportunities available to you in the future. By completing the top-up course, you will help to demonstrate to an employer that you have the academic, organizational and management skills needed for your chosen career path. There is an increasing number of colleges and universities that have chosen to tailor academic programs specifically for adult learners by accepting life experience credits, among other accommodations.


Presenting your “Life Experience” to be considered as college credits is an option that many college-bound students can take. This applies particularly to individuals who have opted to have gained additional knowledge and skills outside the classroom upon high school graduation. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) involves getting recognition for the skill and knowledge you’ve picked up from life experiences, work experiences, training courses, or workshops. You could also be awarded college credits for life experience such as volunteering. This reduces the number of modules (and the length of time) required to complete your degree.


With our arrangement of some of our accredited institutions, your life and professional experiences can help you earn additional credit toward your online degree program as well as many of our graduate degree programs. When you take advantage of the wide variety of options for additional college credit that the institution gives you, you can complete your degree faster.


If you are interested in this accelerated customized degree arrangement, please contact us with your detailed CV at for a preliminary review.


Some of our accepted credits: