Honorary Fellows

QAHE Board are very delighted to have appointed the following outstanding candidates as our Honorary Fellows.

Dr. Ehi Eric Esoimeme

Managing Partner of E-Four and AAF

Dr. Ehi Eric Esoimeme Esq., Doctorate in Financial Crimes (H.C), LLB. BL., LLM., ICA., CAMC., CCO., CPRM., CRA., FGAFM., FCACC., FIMC., CMC. is the Managing Partner of E-Four and AAF (a global consultancy firm that also offers training and education to financial institutions and designated non-financial businesses and professions on anti-money laundering compliance). He is also concurrently an Accredited Training Partner at the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM), the Editor in Chief of DSC Publications Ltd. and the Director of Engagement and Outreach and Senior Trainer at the Singapore Financial Crime Compliance Association (SFCCA) for Africa & Nigeria. Dr. Ehi Eric Esoimeme’s skill and knowledge in the field of the financial crime space are drawn from his many years of experience as a researcher and consultant in anti-money laundering laws and policies, counter-fraud measures, and anti-corruption strategies. So far, Dr. Ehi Eric Esoimeme has authored more than 50 publications, including Ten books on financial crime compliance.

Dr. Zahir Shah

PhD professor and Dean of Social Sciences at Public University in Pakistan

Dr. Zahir Shah is a PhD professor and Dean of Social Sciences at Public University in Pakistan and he earned more than 50 publication to his credit, in addition to his supervisory role at Professional Development Research Institute and Consultancy Services ( PDRi) where his efforts range from research to certification of Pakistani professionals in various areas with the cooperation of international institutions and universities. Dr. Shah is a proud member of EEQA & QAHE and works hard for the professional development of Pakistanis across the globe.

Carol Anne Gonsales, Ed.D. (abd)

Administrative Director of Conley University

Carol Anne Gonsales, Ed.D. is twenty years in educational systems, with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (abd) and a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. she is Administrative Director of Conley University and Personnel Regional Officer of Hawaii Department of Education now.

Jonata Casini

Founder of Janata Casini Training and Consulting

Jonata Casini has found a Training & Consulting company in Italy which is a specialized company that deals with security, its core-business is training and consulting, to which multifaceted services are integrated in line with the company MISSION by providing a highly professional service in response to the market needs of customers.

Dr. Frances Bailey

Chancellor, Lead Instructor and founder of the Purpose Zeal Academy.of Janata Casini Training and Consulting

As a Certified Coach and Ordained Minister,  Dr. Frances Ann Bailey provides Godly wisdom principles in coaching, public speaking, services and products to help women recover from life’s setbacks and learn strategies to overcome life obstacles/barriers in their life and their businesses order to have and keep their Purpose Zeal.  She also helps to provide spiritual support and guidance based on a Christian prospective to others to strengthen their relationship with Christ and other personal relationships as a Christian Counselor.