[Demo] – List of graduates of the Higher Diploma in Alternative Therapy offered by Kowloon Natural Energy Workshop

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The Institutional Profile:

The Kowloon Natural Energy Workshop’ vision is to preserve the roots of nature cure, natural therapeutics, natural healing and hand medicine. Understanding, practicing and living with the wisdom of our ancestors enriches our life in the present. Functional knowledge is built on the works of preceding generations. Our privilege is to assimilate this knowledge of our ancestors. Simplify this knowledge. Grow this knowledge into practical applications that will assist human beings to live a life in tune with nature and her healing wisdom. The Kowloon Natural Energy Workshop’ vision is to preserve and pass forward what has been understood and developed for present and future generations in the field of natural healing and hand medicine.

Congratulation message:

You can achieve whatever you want in life. All you have to do is believe that you can. We believe in you, happy graduation.

Dr. Ryan Kou,
Founder of Kowloon Natural Energy Workshop


Student IDStudent NameDate of Graduation
123455John18 April 2023
123456Peter18 April 2023
123457Linda18 April 2023
123458Sam18 April 2023

The above information can be verified by sending email to: kowloonenergy@gmail.com