10th Honorary Academicians Selection with the Asia Pacific School of Business

Jun 23, 2022

We are glad to announce that we are cooperating with the Asia Pacific School of Business for the 10th Honorary Academicians Selection. The establishment of the selection of honorary academicians is not only a high tribute to those who have worked hard in the cause of higher education, but also a great praise for the deep cultivation of academic research. At the same time, we also commend other industry elites who are fraternity and charity and obey human ethics. Honorary academician is a kind of honor, but also a kind of affirmation. The Asia Pacific School of Business holds honorary fellows, honorary professors, tenured professors and honorary doctorates every two years. Adhering to the principle of "rigorous, fair and open", we would rather be short than excessive, and resolutely implement the academic review process to demonstrate the respectful nature of "honorary". In 2022, The Asia Pacific School of Business was honored to hold the "10th Selection of Honorary Academicians, Tenured Professors, Honorary Professors and Honorary Doctors" jointly with the International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. We look forward to this joint selection, which will usher in a new era of academic cooperation. For information, please refer to https://www.qahe.org/honorary-academicians-with-apsb/ Please send your email to enquiry@qahe.org if you have any enquiries. Sample Certificate